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006 2023-01-03

Year of the Microcontroller


005 2022-05-05

Avoiding feature creep in electronics projects: a DHT20 example


004 2021-03-15

The future of computing with RISC-V, FPGAs, and Forth

As pointed out by many other people, software is regressing and getting absurdly bloated. Our computers have become exponentially faster and more powerful, yet our software is slower than ever. Just try using Slack in Firefox on a 64-bit ARM computer with 4GB RAM. Let me know in 5 minutes once you've finished loading the chat page.

003 2021-03-08

Simple and low cost ways to transmit data over long wires with a microcontroller

Since we're talking about microcontrollers (MCUs), I won't discuss the use of "networking" as we typically know it, which involves RJ-45 connectors, cables, ethernet and a TCP/IP stack on both devices. The use case for that is typically to have two or more computers communicate either directly through a LAN cable, or through some networking equipment such as a hub or switch.

002 2021-01-13

Rust embedded driver for Microchip 23x SRAM/NVSRAM

This post explains the usage of my first embedded Rust driver, the Microchip 23x SRAM driver.

001 2020-08-15

Blog is back

I've decided to relaunch my blog with more of a technical focus. There is no JavaScript and very little CSS, so it should load fairly quickly. The HTML pages are generated using a custom static website generator I wrote in PicoLisp. I can open source it if anyone cares.

-001 2018-01-01

Year of the Linux Desktop

-002 2011-06-30

Two years later, here's an eBook!

-003 2009-10-01

Scripted MySQL Replication Consistency Checks

-004 2009-08-10

Using HAProxy for MySQL failover and redundancy