About Alexander


The present

I'm currently not looking for work, but always open to discuss new and interesting opportunities, particularly related to scalability, motorsports, and/or IoT.


I'm constantly working on multiple projects simultaneously, so make sure to check out my Projects page.

Skills assessment:

  • Programming & databases:
    PicoLisp, Ruby
    ° ° ° °
    SQLite, MySQL, Redis
    ° ° ° °
    Ansible, Shell/Bash, Lua
    ° ° °
    CoffeeScript, JavaScript
    ° ° °
    C, Perl
    ° °
  • Systems & networking:
    Linux, BSD, OS X
    ° ° ° ° °
    KVM, Xen, VMware, VBox
    ° ° ° °
    Git, Nginx, HAProxy, Keepalived
    ° ° ° °
    IPv6, IPTables, DNS, VLANs
    ° ° ° °
    iSCSI, FCoE, AoE, NFS
    ° ° °
    Mosquitto, RabbitMQ, Nanomsg
    ° ° °
    AWS, Docker
    ° ° °
  • Hardware:
    Servers, switches, RAID
    ° ° ° ° °
    Datacenters, security, cabling
    ° ° ° °
    Arduino, RPi, MCU, sensors
    ° ° °
    Digital logic, Electronic circuits
    ° °
    FPGA, Verilog
    ° °


As an athlete, I’m rather versatile in a number of sports. My favorites are: running (5k to 10k), american football, basketball, snowboarding, hockey, soccer, and motorcycle racing.

Like most people, I love traveling, and was lucky to have spent considerable amount of time all over North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

I extensively use multiple library cards and museum memberships, and I prefer physical books over digital ones.


I have a tendency to dart into a shop which caters to one of my obsessions. It's nearly impossible to walk past without going inside “just to see”:

  • Vinyl records
  • Stationery
  • Used books
  • G-Shock watches
  • RC cars

The past

The last ~18 years (since Jan 2000) have been spent working in the IT industry as an R&D systems architecture specialist, system/network administrator, freelance web developer, technical/customer support guru, and IT consultant.

In early 2012, my best friend (Patrice LaFlamme) and I created our own company (Unscramble) in Tokyo, Japan - in order to self-sponsour our visas.

In 2013, we built a SaaS platform and service (Jidoteki) for creating virtual appliances from scratch, which helps companies put their SaaS apps on-premises.

In 2014, we obtained small seed funding from OnLab, but have remained self-funded since then.

In 2016, we converted Jidoteki into Jidoteki Meta, an on-premises virtual appliance for building virtual appliances.

Previous employers:

I’ve written and self-published a free Web Scaling eBook, and frequently write for the Unscramble Engineering Blog.