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005 2021-03-22

Thirty years of learning programming languages

I think I started programming with Logo back in elementary school, but I didn't consider it "programming" at the time.

Fast forward almost 30 years, and I can proudly say I've accumulated knowledge and skills in a boatload of programming languages.

The list

Below, I'll try to list every language I've learned throughout the years, in chronological order. I'll also write a brief thought on each one. The languages I still use quite often are bolded, and all dates may be off by one:

The end, for now

I think the list above is rather exhaustive and covers pretty much every programming language I've ever learned and used. I may have missed one or two but it's because they're not significant in any way.

There's quite a few languages that I've "mastered" and can use in a professional setting, but I wouldn't necessarily want to (ex: if you asked me to code something in Ruby, ugh... I'd pass).

At the moment I'm much more interested in lean, simple, low-level, and fully controllable languages - like Forth and PicoLisp - where I'm free to write whatever I want with very little constraints. Since I have specific projects, the languages I choose are tailored for those tasks. I have no interest in "coding in Java because there's lots of jobs".

I can't even say that I'm done learning though, so I'll try to remember to adjust this list in the future as I add more languages to my repertoire.
2021-03-23 08:26:27 UTC